Through the generosity of our audience, funders and partner organisations,
BackStage Music can support musicians with the “backstage” work  that is required to put on an event and establish a living space for our community to grow.

 Thanks to our BackStage community who have generously supported our inaugural series by donating to our Australian Cultural Fund project or through our website:

Lesley Osborne
Blair Harris
Angus Davison
Jacqui Smith
Keyna Wilkins
Paul Cutlan
James Eccles
Jason Noble
Naomi Johnson

Adrienne Byrne
Joshua Winestock
Peggy Polias
Ian Cleworth
Richard Letts
Paulien Gort
Peter Boyd
Sarah Monk
Josephine Macken
Janine Marshman

Melanie Walters
Damien Ricketson
Claire Edwardes
Elia Bosshard
Charles Davidson
Melanie McLoughlin
Christopher Gordon
Sophie Weston
Kiri Koubaroulis
Rikhi Ramrakha


BackStage Music has been made possible thanks to Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund and City of Sydney's Matching Grant Program.


Backstage Music is supported by national music organisations Classikon, Australian Music Centre and New Music Network - working together towards building a sustainable audience
for the BackStage Music Series.