Thursday 22 November 2018: Singles Club
+ Alice Chance (Infinity for Dinner)

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Singles Club, curated by Bree van Reyk, brings together a collection of artists from different disciplines for a set of solo music/dance/art performances. Each piece will be a world premiere and the culmination of a one-on-one exchange between artists: Bree van Reyk, Marcus Whale, Rhiannon Newtown, Cor Fuhler and Lauren Brincat. Alice Chance satisfies your craving for sonic loops with a new 'Infinity for Dinner' installation ‘Wishpond’, inviting you to gather around a unique pond of your own making.

Doors open: 6:30pm
Music starts: 7:00pm

Where: Woodburn Creatives
1 Woodburn St

General – $35
Concession – $20



Alice Chance
Wishpond (installation)

Singles Club
Bree van Reyk - percussionist/composer performing a new piece by Cor Fuhler and a duet with Marcus Whale.
Marcus Whale - composer/electro popstar writing and performing a duet with Bree van Reyk.
Lauren Brincat - visual/performance artist/composer making a new work for Marcus Whale.
Rhiannon Newton - choreographer/performer creating a simultaneous solo with Bree van Reyk.
Cor Fuhler - improvised musician/composer creating a new piece for Bree van Reyk and delivering an installation performance for audience. 

Singles Club

A kind of speed-dating night for independent artists. Singles Club presents new interactions and exchanges between 5 performing/ composing/ improvising/ choreographic artists. Amidst the heavy traffic, hefty rents, tiny apartments and non-existent studio spaces of this big noisy city, Singles Club poses a new performance mode based on a tight economy of scale, space and time which draws on the rich ground of shared interests, mutual loves and artistic co-habitation. Artists going dutch in the creation of new work.

Bree van Reyk - Composer/Performer

Bree van Reyk is an Australian percussionist, drummer, composer and sound artist. She has toured and recorded extensively throughout Australia and around the globe with the likes of Paul Kelly, Holly Throsby, Sarah Blasko, Lior, Katie Noonan, Darren Hanlon, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, and many other songwriters and ensembles. Bree is long-standing member of Ensemble Offspring, Associate Director of Synergy Percussion, and was 2015 Artist in Residence at Campbelltown Arts Centre. As a composer Bree has been commissioned by Shaun Parker Company, Bell Shakespeare, Sydney Dance Company, the MCA, NOMAD Percussion, and fashion designer Bianca Spender.

Marcus Whale - Composer/Performer

Marcus Whale is a Sydney based composer and musician. He is one half of electro-indie-pop superheroes Collarbones, and is also known for his collaborative work in Scissor Lock and Black Vanilla. Marcus has been commissioned by Synergy Percussion, the Song Company and Zubin Kanga.

Rhiannon Newtown - Choreographer/Performer

Rhiannon is a Sydney based dancer and choreographer. Her practice concentrates on the live-ness of dance and processes of repetition, problematising how a dancing spirit meets economies of production and authorship.

Cor Fuhler - Composer/Performer

Since the mid 1980s Cor Fuhler (1964) is a Dutch/Australian active composer, multi instrumentalist, improviser, instrument builder, artist, inventor, educator and scholar whose practice is an interdisciplinary one crossing into installation, dance, puppetry, comic strip, music theatre and site- specific performance.

Lauren Brincat - Artist/Performer

Lauren Brincat’s practice encompasses diverse media, from video and performance to sculpture and installation. Influenced by her formal training in painting, the artist considers herself to be ‘a painter despite not using a brush or paint’. Brincat’s work is held in a number of collections, including the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth; Chartwell Collection, Auckland; Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart; and SCEGGS Redlands Collection, Sydney.


Alice Chance (Infinity for Dinner)

Works by Alice Chance are becoming well-known in Australia and beyond. Ensembles which have commissioned or premiered her work include The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, The Song Company, Musica Viva for the Enigma String Quartet, Sydney Conservatorium Early Music Ensemble, The Australia Piano Quartet, The Leichhardt Espresso Chorus, The Birralee Blokes,The Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellowship, Adelaide Chamber Singers, Luminscence Chamber Singers, The Australian Boys Choir, The Sydney Children’s Choir, The Australian Youth Choir and Sydney Youth Orchestras.

About Wishpond

Wishpond is a work in which audience members gather around a unique pond of their own making. They collectively gaze into its depths, feeding the pond life with shimmers and resonance. In a similar fashion to Chance’s Audience Choir, participants with smartphones are asked to take a small mobile questionnaire, leading them to a bespoke element of the pond’s ecosystem, a secret online video made for them. The audience will file into the pond area and gather around for an ephemeral, wish-feeding musical ceremony as their phones evoke an enhanced biological community. Like any pond, it’s surface playfully distorts what may be below. Appearances and noises of pond life are warped and augmented, as we dip further into this glassy, metallic, parallel puddle. But be assured, the wishpond is as real as those who bring it to life.