Saturday 11 August 2018: SOUND-LIGHT GEOMETRIES + Enzembil Onssommble


SOUND-LIGHT GEOMETRIES explores the combination of music and light, architecture and the movement of instruments and bodies on stage. Frankenstein keyboards control light as well as sound, a pianist controls a video-game avatar version of himself, a violinist combines choreography with new sounds from her instrument as well as wine glasses, and analogue synths create retro colours and textures. With performers Zubin Kanga (keyboards), Anna McMichael (violin) and Ben Carey (synths and electronics) it features new works by Damian Barbeler, Amanda Cole, Ciaran Frame, Stefan Prins and Ben Carey/Zubin Kanga.

Enszomble Onsombil will present a set of pieces that blur the line between composed and improvised where human creative agency becomes a variable for a creator(s) to orchestrate. Their music will explore alternative modes of performance; audience members will be forcefully propelled into the creative process. 

General – $35
Concession – $20

Woodburn Creatives

1 Woodburn St

Doors open: 6:30pm
Music starts: 7:00pm


Ensombal Onssembell
A set that may contain smoke alarms, bananas, farting and electric guitar.

Sound-Light Geometries
Damian Barbeler- work for piano action and light (6 mins)
Ciaran Frame – work for Broadwood and lights (5 min)
Damian Barbeler – Work for violin, Broadwood piano, lights and comforting (7 mins)
Amanda Cole - Work for violin, piano harp, wine glasses and light (8 mins)
Ben Carey/Zubin Kanga - duo on modular synths and objects (10 mins)
Stefan Prins - Piano Hero for keyboard, live electronics and live video (7 mins)


Damian Barbeler

Damian Barbeler’s award-winning works have been performed and broadcast around the world, sung and played by leading Australian soloists and ensembles. He is widely recognised for his idiosyncratic and playful artistic style as well as his lush, emotional sound worlds inspired by textures and patterns from nature. His works regularly blend media elements: incorporating sound design, lighting, photography, 3D animation, software and sculptural elements. He regularly collaborates with creative types from diverse fields including architecture, software design, media arts, dance and more.

Amanda Cole

Amanda Cole is a composer of instrumental and electronic New Music. Her compositions feature microtonal structures, interference beats and fusions of electronic and acoustic timbres. She writes her own interactive software that she uses in her solo performance practice and in collaboration with other artists for New Media projects. Amanda has a Bachelor of Music (Hons.1) and a PhD in Composition from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. She is currently a sessional lecturer in composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Sydney University.

Zubin Kanga

Pianist, Zubin Kanga has performed at many international festivals including the BBC Proms, Cheltenham Festival, London Contemporary Music Festival, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK), Metropolis New Music Festival, Melbourne Festival, (Australia), IRCAM Manifeste Festival (France) and Borealis Festival (Norway) as well as appearing as soloist with the London Sinfonietta and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. He has collaborated with many of the world’s leading composers including Thomas Adès, Michael Finnissy, George Benjamin, Steve Reich, Liza Lim and Michel van der Aa and has premiered more than 80 works. Zubin is a member of Ensemble Offspring, one of Australia’s leading contemporary music ensembles and has won many prizes including the AMC/APRA Art Music Award for ‘Performance of the Year (NSW)’.

Anna McMichael

Anna McMichael is an Australian-born violinist who has returned to live in Australia in 2010 after 17 years in Europe performing in many of the major ensembles and orchestras. In Australia, she has been first prize winner of the String final of the ABC Instrumental and Vocal Competition, guest assistant leader of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, guest associate concertmaster of Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and guest concertmaster of Orchestra Victoria.

Benjamin Carey

Benjamin Carey is a Sydney-based saxophonist, composer and technologist with interests in contemporary classical, interactive, improvised and electro-acoustic music. Ben’s recent research and practice incorporates equal parts performance, composition and the development of musical software systems. He completed a PhD at the University of Technology, Sydney (2016), and lectures in Composition and Music Technology at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.


Ciaran Frame

Ciaran Frame is a young composer, media artist and educator currently based in Sydney. Having just completed his honours at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Ciaran is passionate about cross-disciplinary collaboration and education, seeking a place in the world of data, technology and music. He has found a home in interactive and generative computer music, creating everything from sonification toolboxes to make music out of plants, to performance works where players must purchase their musical material.


Ensembel Onsombl

Ensembel Onsombl (always spelt a different way) is a proudly ungoogle-able band of composer-performers; a testing ground for new ideas both notated and improvised. The ensemble lets styles clash and personal tastes crunch, inducing juxtaposed and conflict-ridden music. The group endeavours to allow human creative agency to be a variable in composed music, seeing collaboration as a utopian ideal to strive for in a contemporary ensemble. They depart from the hierarchical, prescriptive structures of the classical tradition allowing the singular ownership of a composition to dissolve. The group embodies the cohesive democratic ensemble unit and its endless performative possibilities.

The group features an ever-changing roster of players but its core members are:
Solomon Frank – Clarinet/electronics/objects, Joshua Winestock – Electric Guitar/tuba, Naomi Dodd – Flute/objects, Will Hansen – Double Bass, Angus Davison – Piano/melodica/objects.

“Gnarly af” – Ben Carey